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Swap Cards

This is the page where  you swap cards.  After a 2 or 3 player game the President swaps 1 card with the Boms. After a 4 player game the President swaps 2 cards with the Boms and the Vice-president swaps 1 card with the Vice-Boms. The higher rated performs the transaction, sample; The President first asks for a card, and when he/ she finds a card the Boms has, it is automatically transferred, and the President is asked to  pick a card to return.


The text to the right will tell you what you are expected to do.

The display to the left is similar to the Play Game screen and shows you the cards you already have marked in white.

If you are to ask for cards, the columns in the middle will be marked in yellow. Either the column with 1’s or the column with 2’s (for asking for 2 cards of the same value. Sample if you have a 6 and need 2 more to make the special combination 6x3) Selections are marked in green.

If Boms do not have the card(s) asked, you will need to ask for a different one.

When you have received a card and is due to give 1 back. The cards to the left will be marked as yellow to signal for you to pick 1 to send back.




This page has 4 buttons at the bottom. 


-”Exit” will bring you to the previous page.


-”Manual” will bring you to this page of the Boms manual on the webpage.


-”-” For future use


“Ask/Send”  ,  When you have selected the card(s) to ask/send you press this button to activate your selection and send your choice to



You can ask for 2 or 1 card at the time, but only send 1 value at the time.

If you are president in a 4 player game you can ask for sample 2*2 or ask for one 2  first and then ask for an Ace afterwards.

However when sending only 1 card at the time. So if you are sending 2 cards, send 1 at the time.