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Play Game

This is the page where you see your cards, the game log and  actually play the game.


The white area with the lines, displays the log of the game where all  details can be viewed. It can be swiped up or down as required. It is to be read from the bottom up, so in this case the Next player is player 2 named Tial9

To the left is a column of grey buttons that indicates the card values of that line.



The area in the middle displays your cards in white. They turn yellow when playable, and green when selected for play. They are buttons so you select by pressing them. The numbers in the blue area and on the cards indicates how many of that card value you have, or want to play. Remember Card  Type is largely irrelevant when playing Boms, except for 3 of Cloves, which will be displayed and selected last of the 3’s.


At the top right you have 2 buttons for the special plays/cards 6x3 and 3 of Cloves In this sample the player has the 3 of Cloves (in upper right corner) and it is playable as indicated with it’s button being yellow. You can also see it in his hand,  displayed to the left.


Under that you see the game number and how many players are in that game.


Below that you see the name of the players and how many cards each player has left.





This page has 4 buttons at the bottom. 


-”Exit” will bring you to the previous page.


-”Manual” will bring you to this page of the Boms manual on the webpage.


-”Pass” If you don’t have suitable cards to play, or don’t want to play them, you can elect to play Pass


“Refresh/Play”  This button will display “Refresh”, where you can manually refresh the state (auto refreshes every 30 seconds) , until you have selected cards to play, at which state it will change to “Play”. When pressed when “Play” is displayed it will send your choice to


If you are due to Mix or Deal the cards, but exit out of the Mix or Deal screen back to the Play Cards screen, go one more back, then into the game again and the Mix/Deal screen will reappear. Same goes for Swap Cards.