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Here you find the rules for playing Boms:


Boms is played by 2, 3 or 4 players. 

1 of the players deals the cards to all the players, 13 each if 4 players, 16 if 2 or 3. 

If There is 3 players 3 of  Heart is skipped.

If there is 2, random cards are skipped.


The point is to get rid of all your cards first to become President.

The last one with cards becomes Boms.

In a 3 player game the second become Vice-President and in a 4 player game the third becomes Vice-Boms


The players dealt cards will display in White on the Play Game page.


In the first game the player with the 3 of Diamond starts, and must play the 3 of Diamond in the first play but can add more 3’s.,

All playable cards turn yellow.

Selected cards turn green.


The next player has to either match that value with the same number of cards,

or lay out a higher value, but must match the number of cards. Playable options is yellow on screen.


Values ranks (from low to high):




When no other player can outdo the last play, signaled by playing “pass”, the table (also called trick or round) is finished. The cards goes to the stack and the last player starts again.

If you play “pass” you can no longer participate in that table.


Only the value and number of same value count in Boms, not the type, except for:

There is 2 special card/combinations:

3 of Clove and 6x3 which knocks out anything, and the table goes to the stack.


If all 4 colors of a value are on the table, the table goes to the stack.

Sample player1 plays 4x2 and then player2 plays the same 4x2


Play is in rotation by player number.


When a player clears all his/hers cards, the next player is the player after that player.


Play goes on until all titles are decided, at which point the app will automatically set up for a new game where the last Boms/looser becomes the new dealer that decides on the mix of the cards and the deal details. And the first player will be the President.


The last President/winner can swap 1 card with the Boms (in a 2 or 3 player game) after the deal but before play begins.

In a 4 player game the President swaps 2 cards with the Boms and the Vice-President swaps 1 card with the Vice-Boms.

Swaps happens by the President first asks for a card value, from the Boms (or 2 of the same value), which is then given or rejected due to the giver don’t have it. Then the same person picks 1 card (or 2 in a 4 player game) to send to the Boms.

All this will in the app be recorded in the game log without the Boms having to do anything.


The starting  deck for the first game is in sorted order.

It is then mixed by a combination selected by the dealer, details on the “Mix Deck” page.

Each of the pother players can select to do a player-cut at the end of the mix. This must be selected before the dealer does the Deal.

There is a number of options for the dealer to do the deal, and improve his/her odds, detailed on the “Deal Cards” page.


Cards goes into the used stack in the order they are skipped in deal and played by players.  Subsequent games will start with the used stack which is then mixed by the new dealer (the last Boms) and so on.



There is no Joker cards.

Card swaps is not voluntarily.

There is no “revolutions” in a game.