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Manual iPhone

List Games

This is the page where you manage your games. You can Create a game or Join/Find games. You can also abandon games


Displayed is a line for each game containing the game number, current status and which player is next.

If it is you the line will be green and end in “My turn”

Games that has ended because some other player has abandoned it will show up in red.

The lines are buttons that can be pressed to go open game in the Play Game screen.


To the right are buttons that will cause you to abandon that game and delete it from your list. Be careful, it is non reversible.


This page has 4 buttons at the bottom. 


-”Exit” will bring you to the previous page.


-”Manual” will bring you to this page of the Boms manual on the webpage.


- “Join” will bring you to a page where you can join a random game or find a specific game to join.


-“Create” Will bring you to a page where you can create new games, that you then will invite others to participate in by giving them the game number and the password you entered so they can Find the game.


This page also has 7 buttons on the side marked with a “-” where you can abandoned that particular game.


In the free version you can participate in max 3 games at a time. To create/join/find another game you have to abandon one of the existing by pressing the minus button beside it. But remember if you abandon a game you might disappoint the other  players, since they then can’t continue with the game, unless it is a 4 person game and you have already finished.

With the paid option you can participate in up to 7 games at the same time.

If you decide to no longer continue with the Boms app, it is better for all users if you abandon all your games officially before deleting the app. That way they won’t be waiting, wondering why you are not playing. You don’t want to get a name a as a “bad sport”

If you delete the app, we can’t guarantee you can get in again. It depends on amongst other whether you remember your original details. You probably will at least loose your games and results.