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Deal Cards

This is the page where you as the dealer decide on how to deal the cards.

There is a number of options for dealing:

- Start width; the dealer can select which player gets the first card.

- Equal deal; How many cards to give each player on each pass.

- Reverse deal; the order of the players receiving cards is reversed.

- Alternate deal; the order of the players receiving cards is alternated.

- Uneven deal; the dealer can elect to give  themselves a different number of cards to the others on each pass, sample all 16/13 cards at the same time.


The different deal types can be used in following games by the dealing Boms to mix things up a bit and gain an advantage.




This page has 4 buttons at the bottom. 


-”Exit” will bring you to the previous page.


-”Manual” will bring you to this page of the Boms manual on the webpage.


-”-” For future enhancements.


-“Deal”  Starts the deal by sending the request to


You can Join/Find a max of 3 simultaneous games in the free version (7 in the paid).


If you are the first to Join a random game size you become the first dealer.

You can only Join 1 game of each size until that game is full and ready for mix. After that you can join another.

Remember it might take a while, specially in the beginning, before a game fills up and is ready for play. Be patient.