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Restore Page

You see on this page the company number, creation year and company name of the business you are currently logged in as..


This is where you can compare the data stored on your device with the data backed up to the web. You can restore both ways. If your device is short on data the ones that is there can be overwritten by the data earlier backed up to the web.

You will be asked to enter your password again if you want to restore.

You can chose a specific year and or month for your compare and subsequent restore. Leaving 0 in the month box compares/restores the whole year.


This is also where you can create an additional company by pressing button marked New Additional and give the Company a Name and Passcode just like you did originally for the current company. Alternatively log back in to an earlier created company. For this you need to enter the Company Number, Year, Name and PasCode for that company.

You can get up a list of already created/logged into companies by LongPressing the Company Year button. Select one by pressing a line or exit list by pressing the button now marked Remove List



Below the list of comparisons there are some buttons:


- Exit brings you back to the Main page of the app

- Manual brings you to this page of the SingleTill manual on the website.

- New Company gives you the possibility to create anew company or log in to a previous one. If itís a new company leave the Company Num as 0 and the Company Year as default but you must fill in the Company Name and PasCode


- Compare will if displaying the details of a company including Company Num, compare what is stored on your device for that company with what is backed up to the web. Depending on the data you can chose to restore or backup the period of a full year or a specific month in a year either from the web to your device or from your device to the web. All data for the period will be overwritten on what you restore to. You can also restore the Products list to your device.† (The whole products list on the web is overwritten every time you add or change a product on your device).

When you restore data you will be asked to enter your PasCode again in an additional box, for extra security.