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Products Page

This is the products page of SingleTill. You see a list of the products entered.

You can add products by:

- Entering the name of the product the way you would like it to appear in your app.

- The price per unit of that product.

- The unit type of the pricing of that product, like; each, pr/kg, pr/bunch and so on.

- Pressing the Add button will add it to the list and store an encrypted† backup of the list on the web.


Pressing a product line in the list will allow you to edit the fields of that product.


Below the list of products there are some buttons:


- Exit brings you back to the Main page of the app

- Manual brings you to this page of the SingleTill manual on the website.

- Restore let you bring back the product list on the web, sample if you have logged back into a previous company you donít have the data for on your device.

- Clear, if you select a product the bottom right button will display Clear. If pressed it will always delete the last added product (bottom of the list)



SingleTill only stores the latest version of your product list. No backup copies / history is kept of earlier versions.


If you change the product name or price of products this will not affect how earlier sales appear or be calculated in the financial stats,† except summaries will use the new names.