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Register Page

This is the first screen you see in SingleTill and where you register your first company.


For us to backup your data, and you being able to restore them if needed, we need to put in place some unique identifiers. You choose a Company Name and a Passcode which we will use to encrypt your data uniquely on our backup servers. When you register our servers will send you back a company number. You will need to remember the company name, PasCode, Company Number and the year you registered the company with us so you can use them to restore your data if your device fails and is replaced or if you uninstall the app and later reinstall it again.

IT also allows you to handle several different companies or sale-units in SingleTill running on a single device.

One might example have a Farmers shop and† one or more market stalls one will want to keep separately for financial reasons.


After you have filled in your chosen Company Name and PasCode press the button marked Create Company. The window will close and you will be back at the SingleTill Main page where a company number is now displayed.



Below the list of results there are some buttons:


- Exit brings you back to the Main page of the app

- Manual brings you to this page of the SingleTill manual on the website.





To switch between companies you need to go to the Restore page.


After you have registered and before you can start registering sales you will need to add some products and prices on the Products page.