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To use SingleTill for more than 30 days you will need to subscribe. Each subscription last for 1 year and costs at the time of writing the equivalent of 5 Euro + any applicable taxes in your country/region.

You purchase this 1 year subscription by pressing the button marked Find It and following the on-screen instructions.


If you already have subscribed and/or have changed device you can restore your earlier purchase using the Restore purchase button named Yes.

If successful and you have a valid subscription it will bring you back to SingleTill Main page.

Else you will have to subscribe to regain full functionality of the app.



Below there are some buttons:

- Purchasing Terms of Use (EULA) brings you to the App Store standard app purchasing Terms & Conditions.


- Exit brings you back to the Main page of the app

- Manual brings you to this page of the SingleTill manual on the website.

- Find It will search for the subscription in the Apple App Store



SingleTill is an app without ads and as a private entity we depend on the financial contributions through subscriptions for the development of the app, maintaining the manual and running the storage for the backup of your data.