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†Manual iPhone

View Content

This displays a list of the content chosen.† This can be Messages received, Messages sent, Contacts or Contact Lists, and let you create new content like setup a new contact or send messages.


1íst column gives you a generated number for† that message, contact or contact list. (If Received Messages a :R after the number indicate you have read the message)

2nd column gives you the date of the message or name of contact or contact list.

3írd column gives you the Sender of the Message (if received)

4íth column gives the Subject of the message

(Since there is only 1 line per message and a possibility of multiple recipients, these are not listed here)

Messages are sorted latest first.


If itís a list of Contacts you get a generated number, name of the contact and the contact comment.



You can scroll the list up and down by swiping it.

By pressing any of the listed lines you will go to the details screen.†



If you want to create new content, like send a message, create a contact or contact list, you use the Create button at the bottom right.



Exit brings you to the previous screen = MainPage


Manual brings you to this page of the manual on


Refresh will update the content from stored† files and if displaying received messages send a request to the website to check for new messages


Create will bring you to a new page where you can send a message, or† create a contact or contact list, depending on what content you are viewing.



If you try to view the list of Contacts and you get an error, it is because you didnít put in a comment.† You will either have to upgrade to the latest version of ChatS or use File Manager to delete the last contact file created.† That will be the one with the highest number.† Alternatively you can abandon this login and create a new one.