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†Manual iPhone

Contact List

This display let you create a new contact list and add and remove recipients/members.


You need to give the Contact List a name and there is a Comment field for reminding you of further details of it.


In this sample there is a list of possible Message recipients in Out (red) box and the recipient selected to be included in the Contact List is in a n (green) box.† You move potential recipients (contacts) from out to in, or from in to out, by touching them.


Messages sent to a Contact List will be sent individually to each recipient and only if that recipient hasnít also been added to the message recipients individually.


Exit brings you to the previous screen = View Content


Manual brings you to this page of the manual on


Delete will delete the stored contact† list file from your device.† And when you refresh the list of contacts, it will be gone.


Save Now will encrypt the details and then save them to your local† disk.



It is not necessary to use the Contact List function to use ChatS.† It is included for your convenience if you send regularly to large groups of friends without using the Group function.