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Developed and tested to work on Android phones from version 3.2

(Long term tested on Samsung Galaxy Mini)


These applications depends on the accuracy of your phone or device for their timekeeping and positioning, and do not pretend to give an accurate timekeeping or position over or beyond that of the device on which they are residing.† They depends on your selection for the application of local time and of the hardware operating software and network supplier† for the accuracy of that time.


Kcalís used in JoggerLogger(Pro) just a rough averaging estimation and will vary from person to person. Exercise should be taken in moderation and following your doctors/trainers personal advice.


These applications are not meant for and should not be used for navigation purposes of any kind.

See license Terms on

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We will not disclose your position to a third party unless specifically ordered to do so by the relevant authority. Anyway the recording (or not) of your position to the web is adjustable by you.


Position data stored on the web is available included for an average of 24 recordings per day until end 2013.† Use above that can be limited without warning.† After the initial year a new license has to be purchased for a further period.



In Chats you cannot leave the Contact Comment field empty in early version or you will get an error later on.† If you try to view the list of Contacts and you get this error, you will either have to upgrade to the latest version of ChatS, delete the contact file with the highest number using file manager or abandon this login and create a new one.