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Song/Tune Page

This is the LoopDeLoop Song / Tune Page:


On this page you can name your loops to better keep a track of what you have recorded on each one.



You see the list of available loops on the left hand side.


If you have selected No to continuous play on the Settings page the field to the right let you put together a song/tune by  creating a pattern of loop/track playing.


If you are familiar with a Daw the loops would be the tracks and the tracks here would be set periods of time equal in length to the first recorded loop.


You have 9 available time slots so you could potentially put together a whole tune if your intro, verse and chorus where all the same length (for now) with intro-verse-chorus-verse-chorus-verse-chorus-instrumental-chorus.

And 8 loops in the Pro version for sample guitar-bass-keyboard-drums-verse1-verse2-verse3-chorus. Letting your practice all sorts of  in sync playing and singing.



The buttons at the bottom of the page gives the following functionality:


Exit: Brings you to the previous page/screen.


Manual: Brings you to this page of the WannaGreet manual


Settings: Brings you to a page where you can change your login name, passcode, display name, password and your preference regarding saving the password for auto-login (not recommended). 


The colour marking is:

Green = recorded and available

Red = recorded but deactivated

Light Blue(Cyan) = needs recording

Grey = loop not selected

White = not available