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 Manual iPhone

Main Page

This is the LoopDeLoop Main Page / Info display:


This page displays the currently selected song, this song’s name, and some details, like the number of loops, if they are of equal size and whether they are to be played continuously (can be changed on settings page)


If this is your first time on this page, it will be ready for song/tune 1. 

To start recording your first loop, press the button marked “Loop”


The buttons at the bottom of the page gives the following functionality:


Loop: Brings you to the looping page where you record and play  your loops.


Song: Brings you to a page where you can name the different loops in the song/tune to sample help you remember what is in each recording.

Also let you, if you have selected non continuous playing, set up a pattern of track playing.


New Song: Let you create an additional blank song/tune.


StartAdjust: Brings you to a page where you can adjust the playback start of each recorded loop for improved synchronization


Settings: Brings you to a page where you can set your preferences for:

how many loops in a song/tune

Ir all loops are to be of equal size.

Continuous loop replay.

Replay volume for each loop.

Recording SampleRate.

Strereo or Mono recording.

Naming of song/tume.


Manual: Brings you to this page of the LoopDeLopp manual



Now press the button marked “Loop” to get to the Loop Page and make your first sound recording.