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 Manual iPhone

Settings Page

This is the LoopDeLoop Settings Page display:


First you select how many loops the current song/tune should have. The free version let you have up to 2 loops  per song while Pro give you access to all 8 loops. (All loops must be recorded before it will start looping)


Equal Size Loops: Whether each loop should be of the same length. If selected all loops will be of the same length as the first one recorded (usually loop 1)

In the future we may add a feature where the loops/recordings can be of varying lengths, like a proper Daw.


Volume: You can select the volume playback level of each loop by pressing the volume buttons.  Only total volume can, for now, be regulated on iPhone, using the top row. The loops are 1 to 8 from left to right. Each press will change the number up 1 until the max 9, where it returns to 1 again.

The volume buttons are more to differentiate between the different loops. The overall volume is still regulated best by the normal  volume buttons on your device.


SampleRate: You can select what sample rate your recording will be made at: 44100, 22050 or 10025.

The higher, the better quality but more disk space will be consumed.


Mono/Stereo: You can select whether your recording should be done in Mono or Stereo. (The execution depends or the ability of your device).


Song Name: You can name the song/tune and the song name will be displayed on the Main Page, helping you keep track of which song is what.



There is 4 menu buttons on the bottom of this page:


Exit: closes this page (without saving the changes made.


Manual: Brings you to this page of the LoopDeLoop manual


EN: Language: Displays the current language and each press will change the display to a new language in the order:


English, Norwegian, Danish, Swedish, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch, Chinese, Polish, Russian, Japanese, Hindu, Arabic,

back to English again.


Save: Will save the changed settings. Changed settings will influence any recordings of current and new songs, but calling up an old song will recall the settings used then for playing it.