Mobile apps

for your Active Enjoyment

Due to the unpredictability of the constantly changing rules of the app stores and arbitrary one sided and un-warned lock out of our apps at no notice we have found it necessary to give you links to the install files for some free apps that are currently not available in the app stores:

(If the links to the app stores give an error due to unavailability, you can find the apps here.)

These and some of our paid apps are also available from Amazon and some other stores.




iOs apps (.ipa) not currently available from App Store:



If you are limited to how far you can move this tells you when you reach it.

(Too Covid related according to Apple)



Android apps (.apk) not currently available from Google Play:



Encrypted messenger where you create the encryption/decryption code.† This is for them who donít want their messages read by 3írd parties.†



If you are limited to how far you can move this tells you when you reach it.

(Google canít understand why a movement related app needs access to your location even if the device is in your pocket)



Track your friends/family/fleet or anything else that can carry a mobile.

(Google canít understand that the initial test sample you track is a computer generated random sport a certain distance from your location, and not another random user)


JoggerLogger is a recording device for when you are out walking, jogging or running.† Records speed, distance, time, position.

(Google donít understand that to record and summarise your walk/jogg/run the app needs to collect position data in the background)



Greeter/Scheduler that lets you prearrange† automated messages that is sent on the day of somebodyís birthday or other memorable event.† Lets you create Greeting Lists where several get the same message, but individually.