Mobile apps

for your Active Enjoyment

ActionReporter makes your smartphone into a reporting device for when you are out and about.  Records speed, distance, time, altitude, inclination, g-force and position, creating an instant report you can upload to social media like Facebook with a couple of easy clicks. 

It also store these data in a file on your device for your later studies, or download.

Let's you display your recorded data in a graph or on a map for more there and then informative visualisation.

Android Manual



Free from Google Play


ActionReporter has a built in ability to store your position on the web, where others via a link and passcode, can easily display your last position on a map. Or in the ActionReporter’s GroupView.

  Displays the position of up to 8 friends, their distance from you and the course to them.  You can also   place them on a map, individually or all together.

Web recording interval is adjustable from every 2 minutes up to 24 hours and do not affect the locally recorded data.


Speed and distance is available in  nautical miles(knots), kilometers(km/hr) or miles(mph).  Position displays are available in decimal or minutes.  Compass displays are available in degrees or traditional.  Altitude is available in meters and feet.








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