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Talk to your friends without others snooping on your conversations. Send your messages encrypted.† Only you and your friend has the pascode to encrypt/decrypt your communication.† All transfers happens in encrypted form.† Even your saved data is stored† in code on your device.† A code that only can be decrypted by your own password.

You can have multiple logins/sets of data† on the same device.

Android Manual

Windows Phone Manual

iPhone Manual

Video tutorial for how to use ChatS

Java version; use Android Manual


ChatS free from the following links:

Free from Amazon

Free from Samsung Store

Free for Windows 10 from Microsoft

Free for Windows Phone 7 or 8

Free from Apple App Store


Temporarily unavailable from:

Free for Android from Google Play



Android install file for they who canít access Google Play or Samsung Store


Download Java version for

Windows pc, Linux, Mac


We donít provide a web based version because it would defy the purpose of not sending unencrypted messages over the net.


Adjustable to: English, Norwegian, Danish, Swedish, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch, Chinese, Polish, Russian, Japanese, Hindu and Arabic.


We canít make money on your content so ChatS is ad financed, but you can get a more secure ad free version called ChatSy for Euro 2.49 +vat from these locations:

Find it now On Google Play


Word of warning: Do not loose your password.† We canít reset it and we have no way of helping you get the data back without it.† You can however continue using ChatS by creating a new login and enter all your contacts w/pascodes† again. and should then be able to pick up old received messages again..






† ChatS

Encrypted Messenger