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Talk to your friends without others snooping on your conversations. Send your messages encrypted.† Only you and your friend has the pascode to encrypt/decrypt your communication.† All transfers happens in encrypted form.† Even your saved data is stored† in code on your device.† A code that only can be decrypted by your own password.

You can have multiple logins/sets of data† on the same device.

Android Manual

Windows Phone Manual

iPhone Manual

Java version; use Android Manual


ChatS free from the following links:

Free for Android from Google Play

Free from Samsung Store

Free for Windows 10 from Microsoft

Free for Windows Phone 7 or 8

Free from Apple App Store

Free from Amazon



Android install file for they who canít access Google Play or Samsung Store


Download Java version for

Windows pc, Linux, Mac


We donít provide a web based version because it would defy the purpose of not sending unencrypted messages over the net.


Adjustable to: English, Norwegian, Danish, Swedish, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch, Chinese, Polish, Russian, Japanese, Hindu and Arabic.


We canít make money on your content so ChatS is ad financed, but you can get a more secure ad free version called ChatSy for Euro 2.49 +vat from these locations:

Find it now On Google Play


Word of warning: Do not loose your password.† We canít reset it and we have no way of helping you get the data back without it.† You can however continue using ChatS by creating a new login and enter all your contacts w/pascodes† again. and should then be able to pick up old received messages again..






† ChatS

Encrypted Messenger