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†Manual iPhone


On this page you can see and† change your PasCode/Password, Display Name, Email Address and your preference regarding receiving copies of sent greetings/messages.


You can only change the password if your device already knows the current one.† That is the one you registered previously on it.

After filling in your new choices, press Update Now .

If you where successful, it will give an indication of so and the Update Now button will change to an Exit button.† When you press this Exit button the app should close and then reopen to the MainPage.†



Your Login Name canít be changed, but can be abandoned by deleting the file wpc-InitialFile-1.txt

found in the local directory and starting over.† Alternatively by uninstalling WannaGreet and reinstalling it.


If you loose your phone you can get the data back by installing WannaGreet on a new phone and registering it with the same Login Name and PasCode/Password.††