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 Manual iPhone

Main Page

Here you see the main page / info display.  It tells you:


Just under the tile it will normally  display a Welcome and your chosen display name.  This will also tell you about any connection issues regarding the download of initial info  from the site.


No of Contacts: Number of contacts you have created.


No of Greetings: Number of greetings is the sum of the greetings you have created, and the general greetings we have provided for you.


No of Greeting Lists: Number of greeting lists you have created.


Greetings This Month:  Combined number of greetings and greetings lists scheduled to be sent the current calendar month.


The numbers are written on buttons that can be pressed brings you to a more detailed list.

Alternatively you can use the 5 dedicated buttons at the bottom of the page.:


Greeting Lists: Gives you a list of created greeting lists.


Contacts: Gives you a list of created contacts.


Greetings: Gives you a list of created greetings.


Settings: Brings you to a page where you can change our passcode/password, display name, email address and your preference regarding receiving a copy of sent greetings/messages. 


Manual: Brings you to this page of the WannaGreet manual


Refresh: requests an update to the numbers from the cloud.



If the number of Greetings is showing 0 (takes a few seconds to update), either it is not connecting to the web, you didn’t register or your registration failed. 


If you start WannaGreet and it goes directly to the MainPage it thinks you have registered.  If this happens, your internet connection is working and Greetings is showing 0 you will have to delete the local registration file named wpc-InitalFile-1.txt found in the directory  Then open WannaGreet again and reregister.