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JoggerLogger(Pro) Manual Android

Lap Page (Pro only)

Here you see the lap results display page where you get a list of the  last day of lap data.  This can be changed by using the arrows beside the date display.


First column gives you the lap number

Second column gives you the  lap time in hours:minutes:seconds

Third column gives you the travelled distance in km (or miles) with 3 decimals.

Fourth column gives you the average  speed on the last lap

Fifth and last column gives you an approximate estimation of Kcal used so far.


Date: The left arrow buttons beside date will bring you to the previous date with a recording.  The right arrow will bring you to the next.


“Lap Display”  The arrow buttons beside Info Display will bring you to the Info Display  giving you an overview of the recorded lap times:


The “Graph” button gives you a visual display of the current and average speed, and can by moving between different dates give you an easy comparison.


The “Map” button (Pro only) will visualize your taken route on a map.


The “Month” button will give you a summary table for the month detailing recorded runs with day and time and the summary details of time taken, distance, average speed and Kcal used


The “Manual” button brings you to this page in the manual on the website.



These data was recorded on an improvised lap around a nearby park.  As you can  see the measured lap time is very accurate, but the distances vary slightly.  This is due to my inability to run in exactly the same track, sharp corners and the slight inaccuracy of the phones gps accentuated by setting the measuring interval as low as 1 second (Also gives a somewhat irradiate speed graph)