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 Manual WinPhone


This display let you create a new contact and set  up the Joint PasCode you have agreed between you.


If it is a single Contact (not a Group Contact) the Display Name is the Display Name your friend has set as his/her Display Name in their ChatS Settings and vice versa. 

The Joint Pascode is a phrase or similar you both have agreed, and is used to encrypt all the ChatS communication between you.


If the Contact is a Contact Group, the Display Name is a free choice (but must be set the same when  other members of the group set up the Group Contact), and you will pick up messages other members sent to this Contact group.



Exit brings you to the previous screen = View Content


Manual brings you to this page of the manual on


Delete will delete the stored contact file from your device.  And when you refresh the list of contacts, it will be gone.


Save Now will save encrypt the details and save them to your local  disk



We do not recommend agreeing the PasCode using any form of electronic communication, but in a face to face conversation.


If you are using an older version of ChatS you cannot leave the Comment field blank or you will get  an error later on.