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Radius Limit

Manual iPhone

Main Page

This is the running page of Radius Limit. You see:

- the Home position. The position recorded when you last pressed the button Set Home

- A line where you can set the allowed distance from home.

- A selection line where you can choose between setting the limit in meters, kilometers, yards or miles.

- Your current position.

- Current distance from your home position, direct by air.


The last line goes green when you press the start button. It goes red when you go above the Radius Max Distance from the home position, and back to green when you are within the limit.

If the bottom right button displays Bell a bell will chime when you are above the max allowed distance.

Bells and colored warnings will only chime/display when the Start/Stop button displays Stop.



This page has 7 buttons at the bottom. 


- “Set Home” Will set your home position that the app calculates your current distance to.


-“” will bring you to the home page where you can find the manual, our other apps and details about us.


-“Start/  Stop” Will start (or stop) the warning part of the app and also start/stop the background operations for when sample your device is in your pocket. On later devices if a “1” displays on the app icon the app is running in the background.


-“1.0” Displays the current version of the installed app Radius Limit.


“Manual” brings you to this page of the Radius Limit manual on the website.


-”EN” this button indicates the language Radius Limit is currently displayed in. Pressing it will cycle through the different languages.


-“Bell / No Bell” Displays/selects whether the app will play a waning chime when the set max distance limit is exceeded..


A long press on either + or — for distance limit will result in 100 being added/subtracted.


A new Home position can not be set while alarm monitor is running (Stop is showing on Start/Stop button).


You will need to accept positioning, background running and notification access for the app if you want it to continue running when the device is in your pocket.