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 Manual Windows

Event Details

This gives the details of the event, which are pretty much the same as the ones entered under Create Event:

Event Name

Event Organizer

Event Location

Event Details:  4 lines

Event Cost

Whether event is public.


In the above example the event has been cancelled and a message to that effect has been written including who cancelled it.


The sample above is looking at an  own event which gives you 4 buttons at the bottom:


Manual brings you to this page of the manual on


Cancel Event which will mark the event as cancelled, create the message line shown and send  messages to that effect to all the invitees for private events and all the joiners for public events.


List Invites which gives you a list of invites sent and the option to send more invites.


List joiners gives you a list of they who have signaled they will join the event (and of they who have then cancelled this)



If  you are not the creator of this event the only buttons will be the 

Manual button to the left and the 

JoinEvent button to the right.  Alternatively a CancelJoin if you have already joined the event..


If it is an invite there will also be a Decline option.