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 Manual Android


This is where you enter the details of your contacts.


Contact Name is used to identify the contact to you and used (optionally) in messages sent.  It is also how you identify the contact when you select who to send a greeting list to use on the contacts and greet list pages. 


Contact Email Address is where we send the greetings/messages .


Select Greeting is where you select what greeting to send on the designated date


When will we send the greeting is the date and time we will send the email.  Select year, month, day and hour by using the arrows for up and down.  If you go down enough you can bring the year setting to annually meaning we will send the greeting /message every year on that date.  One further down brings it to disabled which mean we will send no greetings/messages to that contact.



There is 3 buttons at the end of the page:

Manual brings you to this page of the manual on

Cancel just brings you to the previous page

The last larger button changes depending on if you are.

Creating a new contact: Create Now

Changing a contact Update Now