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Main Page

This is the main page of FareAutoCalc. You see a number of boxes with numbers than can be altered:

- The total cost to provide each flight in whatever currency you prefer.

- At what fill you want to reach an income that cover that cost.

- The number of seats on that plane (Min number of fare classes / max 890)

- The percentage growth in fare from one fare class to the next.

- The number of fare classes you want to calculate for. (min 3 / max 14)


Initially the fields will display a sample set of numbers for an airline.




Below the white field for the results list you see some buttons:

- Calculate will show you a list of prices for the different fare classes. The line includes added p seat limits for classes so far, earnings for each class and total earning so far.

 Cost detail brings you to a page where you can calculate the cost of providing the flight based on certain inputs.

Fare Scale brings you to a page where you can manipulate the growth in percent between each fare class


- Manual brings you to this page of the FareAutoCalc manual on the website.

- EN displays the current language.

- “” will bring you to the home page where you can find the manual, our other apps and details about us.


All numbers are rounded. If you want higher accuracy Instead because the sums don’t add up spreadsheet exactly, you can ad up at a lower denomination. Sample instead of entering the costs in Euros enter them in cents and the fares will be given in cents. Then you can round up or add a dot  as required.