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Chiming Sequence:

00:30 : single chime

01:00 : double chime

01:30 : double + single chime

02:00 : 2 double chimes

02:30 : 2 double + single chime

03:00 : 3 double chimes

03:30 : 3 double + single chime

04:00 : 4 double chimes

04:30 : 4 double + single chime

05:00 : 5 double chimes

05:30 : 5 double + single chime

06:00 : 6 double chimes

Wake Up : single + double chime


If you just want a chiming clock, set the start time to 00:00, Watch Length to 6 and Number Of Watches to 4, and it will chime halve hourly in 6 hour periods.


To regulate the volume of the chiming bells just use your phones normal volume up down buttons.


If you use system where one or more full shift patterns is not dividable by 24, BellCharmer will keep on recalculating as long as its running.  If you leave the application and return to it, you will need to readjust the 1’st shift start time to that days correct setting and save, so it can recalculate.


If your 1’st shift start time is set to later than current time.  The MarineChimer will play a single chime on the halve and whole hour until the 1’st watch starts.


That we allow a shift length of up to 6 hours do not in any way imply that we recommend a shift of that length. 


The iPhone/iPad version of BellCharmer handles background operation by scheduling chiming notifications. The free version schedules 12 hours out (or 3 if it can’t connect to the internet and get ads/ check if bought full version), so require you to open BellCharmer before that has past so it can schedule for another 12 hours. The full version schedules for 24 hours out, so only requires you to open BellCharmer once every 24 hours to keep a constant chiming.

If you don’t want any more chiming just press the lover right BellCharmer  button once and it will display “Stopped”, and no more chiming will be scheduled.

If you want notifications without chiming, change the setting on the settings page to “Chimer Off”


No phone can be guaranteed against screen burn-in.

We recommend you get an old cheap phone if you are planning to display the Marine Chimer permanently, as in your wheelhouse or on your mantel piece,