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 Manual Android

Main Page

Here you see the main page / info display.  It tells you:


Speed: Current Speed in km/hr or mph


Direction: Course travelled in Degrees or Traditional


Total Travel Time in hr:min:sec


G: G-Force (acceleration/deceleration) And below it Max G and Min G achieved


Green box: Trip Distance in km or miles. Trip Distance can be pressed to reset.


AvgSpeed: Average Speed in km/hr or miles


Altimeter: Altitude / Inclination: Altitude above Altimeter, Inclination in % below.  In this sample the hill is 7.7% rise/upwards.


Distance: Total Distance in km or miles


The bottom numbers are Current Position in Lat to the left and Long to the right.  Selectable as Decimal or  Minutes  (Can take a while for your phone to find your current position)



This page has 7 buttons at the bottom. 

- > : Start Report / # Stop Report



- MyPrefs: preferences/settings

- Help: Online Manual

- Group info and settings

- Reports: logged data


“>“ Will start the update of the display at the selected interval and start logging your data.  (only possible after current position found)

Changes to # on a red button for stopping.


“MyPrefs” will bring you to a page for adjusting the basics of the MarineLogger like recording interval, interval for uploading position to web,  position display, display type for speed  and distance and compass type and your name.


“Help” will bring you to this page in the ActionReporter manual on the webpage


“Group” gives you a display of other people / your friends positions.


“Reports” gives you access to your recorded data and possibility to graph your speed, altitude or g-force and map your routes taken.


If you like your data raw, the info recorded by the ActionReporter is stored in a file on you external storage (usually a data card like an sd card) under the directory  Her you will find a file for each day you have recorded, and monthly summary files  of each recording, containing all the recorded data in a semicolon separated format..



If your phone uses gps only to determine position, it can take up to 30 minutes to find the current position first time.  If it also is allowed to use mobile networks for this it can be reduced to maybe just 3 minutes.  If you don’t manually stop the ActionReporter service between sessions of using ActionReporter. this will be reduced to seconds.