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We jog, play music, sail on our yacht and sometimes on Tall Ships. Thatís how we come up with the ideas for our apps.† Some of our products are old ideas made into modern versions with new twists. Some similar products exists elsewhere separately but we put them together for a more complete, or more focused, result.

With us you find apps made for active people and apps that will make you more informed and your life easier.†

We thoroughly test our loggers, loopers, chimers, encrypters and other apps, and they are constantly developed as a result of ongoing feedback, testing and use.†

We prioritize function over form. Your mobile device has limited resources and we utilize them to make the best functionality. Sample our musical apps prioritize no-delay sound to graphical presentations. Graphics lead to lag.

We donít sell your data to third parties but threat you as a valued customer whether you just enjoy our free apps or buy into the enhancements.

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