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Organise a private or public party and send out invites via email.  Those invited open their copy of WannaPubCrawl and there is a list of what they are invited to.

One can also organise; open/public events and others can list them all or by location in the app.

Free/cheap way of advertising an occasion in your venue. 

Search for an event in your area, or the place you are visiting.

WannaPubCrawl is available:

Free from Amazon

Free from Apple App Store

Free for Windows Phone


Temporarily unavailable from:

Free from Google Play



It makes contacting friends or people to party easy.  It keeps a record of numbers involved and names of those interested.

Information on the event; venue date numbers, names are a finger tip away. Life is made easier with this event organizer. Manage and plan your event and get feedback on same.

Very smart quick and easy to use.

Android Manual

iPhone Manual

Windows Phone Manual








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