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†Manual iPhone

View Events

This displays a list of the events chosen.† This can be Own Events, Public Events, Invites or Messages/Notifications.

1st column gives you the location of the event,

2nd column gives you the name of the event.

3rd column gives you the date of the event

4íth column tells you the display name of the event organizer = the creator of the event.


By pressing any of the event lines you will go to the Event Details screen.†


You can limit the number of events displayed by searching based on location.† Enter your search criteria in the white box and press the Refresh button.


There is 4 buttons at the bottom of the screen.†

Manual brings you to this page of the manual on

The button here marked 4† tells you how many events is listed.

Refresh will reload the data.

Go Back brings you back to the MainPage.