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Schedule email greetings/messages to ensure you donít forget any oneís special day.†

†Select from a number of pre-created greetings or make some greetings, or other types of messages, of your own.†

Messages can be sent to an individual or to a whole contact list. You can schedule† the sending for a set date and time or at the same time every year, such as a† birthday.†

Greeting Lists are handy when you want to send the same message to a number of people, such as a Happy New Year message.

You have the option of getting a copy of all sent greetings to your own email inbox as an extra reminder to yourself.

Messages/Greetings will be sent from the cloud, so will go even if your phone is offline at the time.

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WannaGreet :

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It makes it easy to greet all those distant relatives/friends you donít remember on the correct day every year.††







† WannaGreet(Trial)

Automatic Greeter