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Main Page

This is the main page of SingleTill. You see:

- The name of the first product of your products list. (You will need to add some products on the Products page to be able o use SingleTill.

- The price of that product.

- A box where you can fill in the number of that product sold in this transaction.

- The sum to pay for this product.

- An Add button to add the product to the list.


Pressing the product name will change the product to the next of your products.

LongPressing the product name will bring up a list of your products where you can choose one by pressing it.

If you press an added product line in your list you can clear that line by pressing te button marked Clear.



Below the list you see first:

- Total button which shows the total amount to pay for this transaction.

- A field where you fill in the amount received.

- A button giving the amount of change due (Amount received minus Amount to Pay.


You now press Complete to save the data to your device and in encrypted form to the web as a backup. This will also clear the list and prepare for the next sale.


Below you see a number of other buttons:-Products brings you to the Products page where you enter the name and price of the products you want to appear in your SingleTill.

- Restore will bring you to a page where you can restore your data from the backup if your device has earlier failed. This page will also give you the opportunity to add more businesses and switch between them.

- Results brings you to a page where you can see the sales done in details and in summaries per product. Results are available per day, per month or per year.

- Manual brings you to this page of the SingleTill manual on the website.

- EN let you switch between -“” will bring you to the home page where you can find the manual, our other apps and details about us.


-”EN” this button indicates the language Radius Limit is currently displayed in. Pressing it will cycle through the different languages in  this order:

English-Norwegian-Danish-Swedish-German-French-Italian-Spanish-Portugueses-Dutch-Chinese-Polish-Russian-Japanese-Hindi-Arabic and back to English again.


Initially the list will display a transaction number. This will increase with 1 every time you complete a sale and can be used for cross-reference control if you sample issue handwritten receipts by writing this transaction number on the receipt and later find it in your Results.


SingleTill is for a small shop using a single device as its till.