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JoggerLogger(Pro) Manual iPhone

Main Page

Here you see the main page / info display.  It tells you the:

Total Exercise Time,

Exercise type,

Time left of this part of exercise,

Current Speed,

Average Speed,

Total Exercise Distance in meters

Estimated number of Kcal used.

Current position  (Can take a while for your phone to find your current position)


(If you only see halve numbers, check that you haven’t set your text size to oversized in the phone settings.)


You will need to move for the numbers to change.  JoggerLogger is a movement based app.


The number in the upper right corner has a few different function: 

Using delayed start it’s a countdown

With lap time its a lap counter

With Interval training it’s a countdown for sprint and rest periods (indicated by the jog/run/rest)



This page has 8 buttons (8 for Pro, 7 for normal) at the bottom. 


“Start Logger” activates updates/ recording and starts logging of the data (only possible after current position found)


“StartInt”  Starts logger in interval mode, with bells signaling start and end of each sprint.


“LapSet” (Pro only) lets you set the point for where you want your lap time recording to start/end.

(LapEnd signals that you are on end point)


“Settings” will bring you to a page for adjusting:

- Recording Interval

- Jogger’s weight in Kg

- Jogging interval

- Running interval

- Jogger’s name and sex


“Manual” will bring you to this page in the JoggerLogger manual on the webpage


“Group” brings you to the friends tracking page where you can track the whereabouts of up to 8 friends, get their distance from you and map their last position.


“Results” give you different graphical views of this and previous exercises, and you can show the route(s) on a map.


If you like your data raw, the info recorded by the JoggerLogger is stored in a file on you external storage (usually a data card like an sd card) under the directory  Her you will find a file for each day you have recorded containing all the recorded data in a semicolon separated format.


If your phone uses gps only to determine position, it can take up to 30 minutes to find the current position first time.  If it also is allowed to use mobile networks for this it can be reduced to maybe just 3 minutes.  If you don’t manually stop the JoggerLogger service between sessions of using JoggerLogger, this will be reduced to seconds.