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 Manual Android

Main Page

Here you see the main page / info display.  It tells you:

Your registered Imei and PassCode.

Number of devices to track in total.

Number of  devices you have downloaded the last updated position for.


Own Update: How often you update your own position to the cloud. Adjustable from every 1 Min to every 24 hours for  trial and from every 2 min to 24 hours for paid version.

0 = no updates


Group Updates: How often you pull your friends/group position from the cloud.  Adjustable from every 3 Min to every 24 hours for  trial and from  2min to 24 hours for paid version.

0 = no updates


This page has 6 buttons at the bottom. 

- Group Settings for the 4 groups.


- GroupList: A list view of all group members.

- GroupMap: All group members displayed on a map.

- Manual: brings you to this page in the GroupTracker manual


You can also track using a webpage.  This link, adjusted by the required Imei and PassCode will give you their last position:;pas=12OK34

Remember you have to change the ids= and pas= in the link to either that of your own  IMEI and PasCode on the front page of your GroupTracker(Trial), or to or that of your friend from the front page of their GroupTracker(Trial)  The same imei that was displayed when you registered and the passcode you typed then.


If you like your data raw, the info recorded by the GroupTracker is stored in files on you external storage (usually a data card like an sd card) under the directory  Her you will find a file for each group member with all available and calculated data for their last updated position.