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Main Page

This is the opening page of Boms. Here you see a list of the games you have created/joined with game number and and current status of those games.  You can press any of the game lines to go into that game.


It also displays which player is next for each game and marks if it is you with “My Turn”


This page has 5 buttons at the bottom. 


- “Join” will bring you to a page where you can join a random game or find a specific game to join.


-“List” will bring you to a Games List page where you can organize the list of games you created/joined.


-“Tanking” Will bring you to an overall results page where you can find your results compared to others.


“Manual” brings you to this page of the Boms manual on the website.


-”EN” this button indicates the language Boms is currently displayed in. Pressing it will cycle through the different languages.


-“Create” Will bring you to a page where you can create new games that you then will invite others to by giving them the game number and the password you entered so they can find the game.



Be patient. Due to the nature of the game it might take some time for  other players to join in a random game. And when  a game has started one can’t expect all players to be glued to it all the time.

If there is a bit of a lull, you can always join a second and a third game.

Check in at least every 24 hours to see if it is your turn in any of your games.

And finally; Don’t disappoint others by abandoning to early.


Boms will, in addition to showing it on screen, notify you with a sound when it is your turn in one of the games.  Even if in background.

If you get a message about Boms stopping notifying, leave Boms and open the app again to restore updates.