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SingleTill is a multi company Sales Register with automatic backup options. It has several reporting options where you can see a list of all the sales done and summaries per item for day, month or the full year.


Suitable for small shops, farm shops, sales stalls and market traders.

Single Till is for who just want to use a† single device as their till.†


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Android: Free from Google Play

iOs: Free from the AppStore

Android: Free from Amazon



Android Manual

iPhone Manual


Multilingual, adjustable to: English, Norwegian, Danish, Swedish, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch, Chinese, Polish, Russian, Japanese, Hindi and Arabic.


SingleTill sales register app promotional youtube video


SingleTill full walkthrough on YouTube


Simply register you business and select a PasCode, add some product and start ringing up/registering your sales. SingleTill also displays the change.


Free to use for 30 days and after that itís a subscription for the equivalent of 5 Euro +tax per year.

(No ads or other in-app purchases)


All backups and restores happens in encrypted form based on the PasCode you provide so neither we or anyone else except you can decrypt and read them. The decryption is done automatically by your device if you need to restore them. If you do loose all the data from your device by either uninstalling SingleTill or loosing the device itself you will need to remember the business number we gave you and the Business Name and PasCode your provided, to be able to get your data back.


SingleTill can also be operated as a MultiTill system by utilizing some strict management practices.







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